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Delivery and payment


I. Delivery

For orders above 100 BGN, delivery is not charged and for orders up to BGN 99, delivery is payable. The price that the customer owes for transport is formed as follows: the office-office courier service price is: 3.95 BGN + 1.10% of the value of the payment. Or if you buy a product worth 100lv, and you get the product in an office of Econt, the price would be 5.05lv. (for certain promotional campaigns, delivery may be free of charge for all orders). Delivery billing is not tied to the place where it is delivered.

II. Delivery time

Ordinary delivery - within 2 working days of confirmation of the order by our consultant by email or telephone - for available items in stock.

Extended delivery - within 15 calendar days from the confirmation of the order by our consultant by email or telephone - for items that are requested by our partners.

In extremely bad weather conditions or due to logistical emergencies, the deadline may be extended.

III. Terms of Return of Purchased Goods

You have the right to return the purchased goods within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery. We ask that your products be unpacked and gauged carefully, as if you wish to return products, they must be of a reserved commercial type (mandatory with label and boxes, not worn, prank or ironed). The cost of returning goods is at the expense of the customer.

In the event of a desire to return a purchased item, please contact our representative at 0896 89 2014 to specify the follow-up procedures.


The payment of the ordered goods can be made in three separate or in combination with each other, regardless of the method of payment chosen, the amount of the payment is the same and no additional handling fees are charged.

• With "cash on delivery" - payment in cash of the courier upon delivery.

For each item ordered, the user has to pay the price announced in the e-shop at the time of the order. The price of each commodity can change dynamically.