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Blousess and shirts| INISESS ®

Blousess and shirts| INISESS ®

There is nothing to change the look of people just like clothes. A non-standard blouse or an elegant shirt can add a little more chic to your outfit. Whatever you choose - more formal shirts or broken blouses, see what we can offer you.

Shirts are always in vogue!

A fashionable and stylish lady shirt from an online store, inisess-shop.com, is the choice of any lady who wants to be unique. Our patterns are not only with the typical cut, but also with great broken elements. You can choose both a suit for a jacket under the coat and one that you wear without overcoat. Light, stylish, colorful, floral or motif, combination of fabric and lace - the choice is great and the quality is excellent. Here you will find a variety of shirts - ladies formal, suitable for combination with both skirts and trousers. Never miss a shirt in your wardrobe. It's a great accessory that you can always use when you want to look elegant without having to look for other accessories.

On our site you will find different models of official shirts. The cuts are tailored to the latest fashion trends, and the colors are varied. You can choose both classic, single-colored and striped shirts. Want to try something new or unusual? Take a look at our suggestions with a bare shoulder. Add a colorful accent on your vision as from the striped products on the collar and the front around the buttons.

Great blouses and ladies shirts - choose yours!

Online shop inisess-shop.com offers you a variety of seasonal collections of formal ladies blouses and shirts. If you hold your vision or your job requires you to strictly observe a dress shirt, you can choose from our great offers for formal shirts. We also have unique, stylish and charming blouses to make you feel even in everyday life. You do not have to stick to the classic cuts. Check out our non-standard suggestions with broken models. The floral motifs combined with the selected cuts and fabrics make our proposals really good and suitable for every lady's wardrobe. Just look at the variety of colors and styles - sporty, elegant, suited to everyday life. How you combine them depends on you. In what season - too! We have products with both long and short or medium length sleeves. Most of the blouses are made of a combination of viscose and polyamite. If you are looking for something warm for the cooler winter time, see our patterns made of wool. Our sports offers are made mainly of cotton, with a small percentage of elastan, which you can successfully combine with jeans, jeans or sports skirt.

Complete our wardrobe with ladies shirts at affordable prices for everyone!

There is no woman who has not heard that style has been built over the years. It is not always obligatory for the costume to be expensive to look good for the person wearing it. What distinguishes suggestions from our site from others? The patterns and fabrics used to make them. We hold the quality and good performance to our customers. The affordable clothes prices offered by the inisess-shop.com online blouse and ladies' garment are complemented by quality clothing and the most suitable materials for the cut.

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White Cotton Shirt with Long Sleeve B 19523 / 2020

Състав Ризата: 95% Памук 5% Еластан Дължина на ръкав : ..


Women's White Blouse with Long Sleeve 19522/2020

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

68.00лв. 59.00лв.

Ladies elegant blouse with long sleeves B 19556 / 2020

This classic model and animal print blouse is bright and functional, minimalist and comfortable! It ..

69.00лв. 59.00лв.

Ladies blouse in the color of rose ash B 19515/2020

This elegant pastel pink blouse gives you freedom, comfort and charm. Emphasize your genuine feminin..

68.00лв. 59.00лв.

Ladies blouse stripes B 19214 / 2019

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

49.00лв. 39.00лв.

Chiffon Tunic with Floral Right B 18157 GREY

  Short on the front but long on the back striped tunic in seasons trendy colors. It can also be u..

77.00лв. 59.00лв.

Women's white tunic B 19233 / 2019

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

84.00лв. 76.00лв.

Ladies blouse with floral right B 19230 / 2019

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

49.00лв. 39.00лв.

Lovely, summer lady's blouse in yellow B 18130 Yellow

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

73.00лв. 49.00лв.

Ladies cotton blouse B 19141 / 2019

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

56.00лв. 29.00лв.

Ladies' elegant blouse B 19114 / 2019

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

66.00лв. 49.00лв.

Stylish ladies blouse B 19140 / 2019

Срок за доставка: 24 часа Подходящ сезон : ..

59.00лв. 49.00лв.