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Inisess collection spring - summer 2017

Inisess collection spring - summer 2017

We love to dress you in clothes with character! Our range is constantly growing to provide you with a greater choice between more models, patterns and cuts.

The women's dresses from the spring-autumn fashion line are made of strong, high-quality fabrics. As a constantly evolving company, we focus on the elegant, delicate cut of each silhouette individually.

Our brand INISESS is one of the market leaders in women's clothing. Imagination, good taste and romance perfectly characterize the fine, discreet and retro-inspired pants, blouses, skirts, dresses and tunics designed for modern princesses. Our brand produces dresses with unique, picturesque patterns, inspired by international fashion trends.
Make your choice from our spring dresses, which have a wide range of models - from color prints and geometric details to intelligent options for work and casual wear!

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