"How to dress in the summer heat?" - the question that raises us as soon as the thermometer reaches 30 degrees. At such a time, all you want is to have breathable and cool clothes. With this post we will give you ideas on how to look beautiful and feel comfortable with linen pants when the summer heat dictates its rules.

Regarding the topic of the length of the linen trousers for the spring-summer season, the extended models are also in trend this summer, which have a slim silhouette and a different degree of cut in the area of ​​the legs. Pants with a cut at the bottom create a feeling of taller height. Often these designs have pockets or large details and are preferred by shorter girls who wear them with shoes with large platforms to balance their look.

We advise you to be careful with this model: it is very demanding to combinations, will not fit any model of shoes and may look old-fashioned.

We can say that shiny linen fabrics with additional shiny threads have been in vogue for the last few years. However, this is not a very popular trend for the spring-summer 2020 season, so if you want to choose the only new pants for the season, glare is not the best choice. If you just want to change something - it's worth a try. The basic principle is, the longer the pants, the more shine. Even when talking about pants in which glamorous accents start at the knee and continue down - they should not be too tight and tight at the top. Models with colored details, applications and embroidery are suitable for cuts with a length to the middle of the calf, as well as for those with longer lengths.

Also appropriate are the pants, the decor of which is the waist itself. But with this model you have to be more careful. They can make you lower and wider at the waist. And one more thing: if you choose such pants - let the fabric fall into folds.

Капри панталони (24)

If we talk about what fabrics are best combined with linen pants - we can not fail to mention cotton, silk, bamboo and tencel, as well as other similar natural fabrics. Women's shirts and silk blouses can be an excellent basis for your holiday wardrobe during the holiday season. It is best to choose models without a stamp. And, of course, for the summer do not forget about soft knitwear. These pants will help you look stylish and modern and feel cool and comfortable at the same time. Despite its lightness and breathability, linen has enough strength to withstand repeated washing in manual and machine mode. Over the years, the clothes will not only not lose their beautiful appearance, but will become even more interesting and stylish.

Ленените панталони се комбинират

Linen pants are combined with women's jackets, preferably also made of linen. If the jacket is in another color, it is desirable to be lighter than the color of the pants. For your business appearances, bet on accessories in white, black or brown soft leather. It is a good idea to add wicker accessories in your free time and create a romantic or boho look.

We, the team of the digital platform INISESS-SHOP, offer a wide range of women's linen pants online for ladies in various models, colors and designs. The expertly created cuts, the excellent quality of the fabrics and the perfect workmanship of the linen trousers we offer will make them your favorite main elements in your summer wardrobe. The universal fashion line of models in our spring-summer 2020 collection will be relevant for many years.

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Author: Silvia Florova